Lawrence von Knorr

LvK 1x1Lawrence von Knorr (1964- ) is a native of Pennsylvania who is one of the pioneers in “Digital Impressionism” or “Photo Impressionism”, utilizing computer software to enhance photography to produce painterly creations. His work includes landscapes, architectural, portrait and still-life subjects.

Lawrence received a 35mm camera as a gift at age 13, and has been photographing ever since. Professionally, he has worked in

"Vietri sul Mare" 2006
“Vietri sul Mare” 2006

the information systems field, providing numerous opportunities to travel extensively. In recent years, the love of photography and experience in computer software merged into an interest in digital fine art.

Von Knorr began exhibiting in the Harrisburg, PA area in 2006. His first New York Exhibition was in 2008. He

lives in the Harrisburg area with his wife Tammi.

"Reading Railroad" 2009

“Reading Railroad” 2009

"Bad Wimpfen" 2007
“Bad Wimpfen” 2007
"Walnut Street Bridge at Night" 2010
“Walnut Street Bridge at Night” 2010