About Us

Simply the BestThanks to our clients and fans for naming us “Simply the Best” Art Gallery for FOUR years in a row!

Welcome to the 2nd Floory Gallery, an upscale art gallery located in the heart of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. We are only a short 15 minute drive from downtown Harrisburg, the state capitol.

The 2nd Floor Gallery was founded in 2002 by Jeffrey van Boskirk and is now owned by Lawrence Knorr and managed by Terry Kennedy. Originally on the second floor of an historic former church, the business expanded over the years to comprise the entire building, including the ground floor. We have many works from internationally known artists, established regional and local artists as well as up and coming new artists. We are more than just an art gallery. We want to share a cultural experience with you. See our calendar of events for the dates of our monthly art receptions.

As a leading provider of original art work, 2nd Floor Gallery specializes in local, regional, and international artists. Located in the heart of Mechanicsburg, one block from the shopping thoroughfare, the 2nd Floor Gallery is housed in an historic church constructed in the early 1800s. During the Civil War, the building served as one of many field hospitals.

High ceilings, hardwood floors, the original turn-of-the-century stained glass windows enhance the gallery’s exhibition space. Space is available for up to 50 artists at any time. The transformation of the building into an art gallery has been made possible by the efforts of many local artists and craftspeople in central Pennsylvania.

Whether a collector is an experienced investor or a cautious beginner, 2nd Floor Gallery has a range of artworks that merge the demands for aesthetic enjoyment with the potential for appreciation. Art collectors have long known that artworks purchased judiciously can be enjoyed for long periods of time and then accrue in value.

Investing in art is a time-honored tradition dating back to the Renaissance and families like the Medici, known for their patronage. 2nd Floor Gallery in Mechanicsburg specialize in affordable investment art and in helping art lovers find artworks that suit their values.

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