June 18 — Art Reception at 2nd Floor Gallery + The Joes!

Join us at 2nd Floor Gallery for an evening of art, music, and interesting conversation.  On the art front, we have over 5000 square feet of space on two floors, displaying over 500 works of art, mostly by local artists.  This month is the last for our “Local Scenes” group show, featuring works of art depicting architecture and scenery found in the Susquehanna Valley area.

Regarding music, this evening from 6 to 9, Jonathan Frazier will be performing on our stage on the 2nd floor.

cropped-joes2As for interesting conversation, no one can top The Joes!  Joe Farrell and Joe Farley are the authors of the “Keystone Tombstones” and “Gotham Graves” series of books. They write biographies about famous, infamous, and interesting people who are buried in either Pennsylvania or the New York City area. They have appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, and are known for their quick wit and interesting stories. Their books will also be on sale.



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