October at 2nd Floor Gallery — Mamarazzi!

“Samson” by Scott Meier

Mechanicsburg, PA — Your first impression this October at 2nd Floor Gallery, 105 S. Market St. in Mechanicsburg, will be a good one. Returning patrons will notice the repainted foyer which has now become an additional showplace for art.  Across the mantle are the gallery’s most recent awards, surrounded by the works of John Firestone, Scott Meier, Aron Johnston, Marcel Mouly, and two of our newest artists: Carol Herren Foerster and Joseph Dudding.

Through the (now black) downstairs doors, you will find additional works by painters Sue Himes and Linda Buckwalter, in their new studio, and the ongoing exhibit of the very talented Annie Minicucci and Aron Johnston. This exhibit will continue to hang through the end of the year. Also downstairs is the studio of painter Pat Koscienski and photographer Charlie Hubbard, the studio of Lawrence & Tammi von Knorr, the photography room, and a collection of antique and international art.

Boats on Phewa Tal by Sherry Knowlton
“Boats on Phewa Tal” by Sherry Knowlton

Upstairs, in the Featured Artist area, we present the photography group known as “The Mamarazzi.” Linda Benzon, Nancy Japak, Ellen Jenkins, Sherry Knowlton, Jean Macaluso, Linda Norman, Toni Semanko, and Irene Van Buskirk have come together to display their finest work – over 35 pieces in all on display.  This talented group is well-traveled, as evidenced by the subject matter, which spans the globe.

Also upstairs, numerous artists and styles are

"Appalachian Range III" by Jonathan Frazier
“Appalachian Range III” by Jonathan Frazier

represented, including works by John Firestone, Lori Weaver, Jeff Wiles, Fritz VonderHeiden, Alex Rosenkreuz, Julie Riker, Ashley Nichole, Toni McGraw, Chris McDonel, Jacob Mazurek, Mary Masterilli, Carolyn Gibboney, Jonathan Frazier, Annette Braught, Cecilia Ash, and dozens more.

Please join us for our Third Saturday Artist Reception, October 17 from 6 pm to 9pm. There will be wine, hors d’ouvres, and live music.


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