Featured Exhibition at the 2nd Floor Gallery: The Artwork of Danielle Charette and David Barr

Danielle Charette and David Barr are pleased to announce their joint exhibition on Gallery Saturday for July at The 2nd Floor gallery

About the Artists

Danielle Charette is a Contemporary Expressionist who shuffles between Pennsylvania, where she was born, and NYC. Her work is a highly symbolic form of modern story telling meant to convey and evoke emotion in the viewer. Danielle approaches creating each series as a fashion designer plans a clothing line. Repetitions of theme, elements, color and design create cohesion throughout the works with each piece telling a portion of a story until the story is complete. She draws upon her life experiences for her subject matter. Several sub-cultures as well as her French heritage and the Pennsylvania Dutch heavily influence her work. It is an evolution of her love of love, iconic shapes, folk art, dias los muertos, religious iconography, fairy tales, poetry, playing cards, art deco design, vintage horror films, tattoos, gothic and punk rock music and clowns. To which she says “don’t ask about the latrer, really, don’t ask.”

Her Charette original oil paintings and art have been shown and hang in many galleries throughout the US and continue to sell both nationally and internationally. Notably, her series  “2752 It Is Always the Same” and “Broke in Brooklyn” have been accepted for inclusion by The National September 11th Memorial Museum. To view more of Danielle’s artwork please visit www.charetteart.com

In conjunction with her artistic pursuits she also co-owns Metropolis Collective, the home of Trash Art Gallery in downtown Mechanicsburg.

The paintings of Dave Barr are the result of building up and layering different media. His work is a pop appropriation and imagery collage style although he likes to refer to it more simply as visual sampling. Much like a DJ samples different parts of songs together, he mixes various pop culture imagery and typography. He’s interested in recombining these fragments of culture to create a new mini narrative. Dave collects images, chews them up and then spits them back out in a bright, busy, recontextualized   new form.

Dave is inspired by the pop culture he grew up with. “It was a simpler time. But the non-stop flood of information we’re confronted with today also influences me. This constant influx of multimedia and visual noise is an effect I try to recreate in my compositions with the use of juxtaposition between texture, color and content.” he states. The end result is a dichotomy between the retro feel and the overall modern pop aesthetic.

Dave Barr is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He studied art and graduated from Slippery Rock University. Dave has lived in the DC area for 17 years and currently paints at his home studio in Falls Church, Virginia. He is a member of Washington Project for the Arts, Falls Church Arts and McLean Project for the Arts.

About 2nd Floor Gallery

2nd Floor Gallery is Located in a historic church built in 1859 the gallery is a unique art experience. The first floor houses 7 artist studios and a featured artist area. The second floor has over 2600 sq. ft. of display area that has space for over 500 works of art. We carry work from international, regional and local artists. Prices to fit every budget. All types of media. You will find the turn of the century stained glass windows, hardwood floors and original pipe organ pipes enhance the beauty of this “one of a kind” location. Open to the public during regular hours with private showings available other hours. You won’t want to miss this great find in downtown Mechanicsburg.

Based in Mechanicsburg Pa, 2nd Floor Gallery is located at 105 South Market Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. Gallery hours are [Wed-Sat 11-7pm and by appointment]. For more information, please call: (717) 766-1825, or visit the website at www.2ndfloorgallery.com


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