2nd Floor Gallery presents P Buckley Moss

(from the P Buckley Moss newsletter)

My daughter Patty and I set off Friday morning for Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and my show with 2nd Floor Gallery. It was a delight to meet Nancy Tritt and her family. Nancy lives in Boiling Springs and sent me the reference pictures for the show printBoiling Springs Remembered.

What a treat! Patty and I were invited to have dinner at the home of Mary Orse before the show Friday night. Mary has been collecting my art for years and is a good friend. Martin’s Gallery in Hanover, Pa., has been framing her things for many years, and that’s where we met. L. to R.: me, Mary Orse, Pat Martin (owner of Martin’s Gallery), and Mary’s friend Lynnwood Schultz.

My friends at 2nd Floor Gallery, L. to R.: gallery owner Jeffrey Van Boskirk, Gallery Executive Director/Artist Terry Kennedy, me, Gallery Assistant Director/Artist Bronwyn Jean Hughes, and my daughter Patty.

Chip and Amy Gerhart of York, Pa., brought their baby Charlotte Rose to see me. Charlotte Rose missed being born on my birthday by just two days! Chip serves on the Board of Directors of the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education.

What fun to see a smiling face from the past! When I was growing up on Staten Island, there was a Dr. Walsh and his family who lived two doors down from us. They were friends of our family, and we children played together. Many years ago, when I was returning from a show and driving through North Carolina one night, I became tired and tried to get a hotel room. There was a Furniture Market event going on in town, and all the hotels were booked. I remembered that Dr. Walsh had retired there, so I gave him a call and explained my predicament. He came out to the highway so I could follow him home, and I stayed with him and his wife. I gave them the print you see in the picture above, How Calm the Morn, as a thank-you gift. The couple in the picture with me and the print are Dr. Walsh’s youngest son Kenneth and his wife. They brought the framed print to the show for me to sign on the glass, and we had such fun reminiscing about old times.


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